Staff confirmed for Mobile Suit Gundam 00

Excerpt taken from ANN:

“The press release confirms that Fullmetal Alchemist’s Seiji Mizushima will be directing Sunrise on the animation. Series script supervisor Yōsuke Kuroda (Honey and Clover, Hellsing video series) will oversee the writing. Loveless and Earthian manga creator Yun Kouga is designing the original characters, which Basilisk’s Michinori Chiba will then adapt for animation.

Kunio Okawara will contribute to the mechanical designs as he has for almost every Gundam television series since the first one, and he is joined by Kanetake Ebikawa (Full Metal Panic!, Vandread) and Takayuki Yanase (Toward the Terra… television series, Zegapain). Hitoshi Fukuchi (Blue Gender, Double Fake: Under the Gundam manga) and Kenji Teraoka (Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Great Dangaioh) will contribute conceptual mechanical designs, and Seiichi Nakatani (Planetes) will adapt the designs for animation.” Source

Well, it’s a relief to see last week’s rumors confirmed. With Seiji Mizushima taking the directorial role, Double O can’t possibly be as bad as its recent predecessors, right? Right? I know the days of “Kill ‘em All” Tomino are history, but I wish Sunrise would’ve at least thrown us Gundam fans a bone with a UC-continuation series. If this timeline spinoff turns into yet another Wing or SEED, castrations are going to be in order.

Here’s the teaser if you haven’t seen it already: