Darker than Black - 10… more qipao goodness

Quick Summary:

Alice is betrayed by her subsidiary, Wei Zhi Jun (AKA VI952), who reveals his plot to take over the Chen Long Tang organization himself. With all of the corporate executives eliminated, VI952 then proceeds to get rid of the witnesses, Inspector Kirihara and Saitou. When all seems bleak for the two, Hei comes flying through the window as BK-201, and defeats Wei Zhi Jun in nifty fashion. He then takes the plant crystal that was in Wei’s possession before escaping through the window. As Hei completes his mission by returning the crystal to Huang, he learns that Wei’s corpse disappeared from the morgue, and that his star has not fallen since the fight, suggesting he is still alive.

At the end of the episode, Misaki Kirihara graciously declines the promotion offer, citing that she realized her abilities are still not qualified for the position. (more…)

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