Paprika the movie

Just a bunch of bags of crazy being opened up in one giant, warped bag of crazy (make any sense? I didn’t think so)

I loved watching this movie. It is just so fun and insane that you couldn’t possibly not enjoy it (wrap your heads around that double negative). Along with the great visuals (especially in the opening sequence), you are treated to music that fit perfectly with the nonsensical settings. Satoshi Kon (Perfect Blue, Millennium Actress, Tokyo Godfathers) brings us yet another psychologically complex film staying true to his style of blurring the lines between reality and fantasy so much that the characters themselves need to ask ask if they’re awake or not. In fact, as the story progresses, the line between the two worlds becomes so warped that, well… there is no more line (it’s more of a blob, a gelatinous blob being mixed and kneaded into a world filled with conga lines of dancing frogs, household appliances, and disturbing dolls… where was I?)

Psychotherapist, Atusko Chiba, and genius, Tokita Kosaku, are heading the revolutionary psychotherapy project of the DC Mini. The DC Mini allows a person to jump into the dreams of anyone else connected to the psychotherapy machines. Concerns arises as the psychotherapy institute gets word that 3 of the DC Minis were stolen because those who stole them can now enter the dreams without restrictions. More problems arise as those who work at the institute become targeted of the dream terrorist and are forced into a waking dream filled with those bags of crazy I mentioned earlier, filling the institute with bedlam.

Dr. Chiba takes it upon herself to find the culprits by entering the crazed dreams as her alter ego, Paprika, with the help of an investigator, Konokawa. She finds out that the assistant to Dr. Tokita, Himuro, may have been the culprit who infiltrated the dreams, but it turns out that he was just another victim. Just who is behind these invasive dreamscapes? Well go watch it, if you want to know.

Check the below screens for a better peak into Kon’s imaginative dreamscape.

Final Rating: 10

More screens (click to see full size more to be added later):

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