Vampires! Nazis! The Vactican? Oh my…

Damn this place is dead. Damn lazy writers… Anyway, an actual new post. It’s down right unbelievable.
Here’s my first attempt at creating an AMV. After going through my music library for hours, I finally found a song that I wanted to use: Mucc - Libra. After listening to it several times in a row, I figured it would go great with Hellsing. I mean if you listen to the slightly melodramatic song, you can just feel the psychotic nature of it all.
In the end, the total work time was about 8 hours. One straight run trying to learn Adobe Premiere Pro for the first time while trying to work out the scenes to the music. Although there a few little things that I would want to change that I only saw after exporting the movie, I thought it came out quite nice for my first attempt. Some of the events and lipsyncing (which wasn’t really in my initial plan) came out perfectly the first time; some of it was just a fluke that it aligned with the music so well. Anyway, here’s the vid off of youtube. I might post the hq version on sometime, but laziness might win over yet again. Comments are welcomed.


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