Gurren Lagann - 10

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Episode Summary:
Adiane the Elegant retreats back to base after unexpectedly confronting her boss’ daughter, Princess Nia. Using the slight reprieve in battle, the Gurren Brigade interrogate Nia about the Spiral King. However, Nia’s charming naivety and cluelessness has Kittan on the ropes, which quickly turn his attempt at hard-ball around on him. Yoko, Nia, and Simon then have a three-way (discussion, ya’ pervs) outside the ship until they are interrupted again by Adiane’s return. With the green-light from the Spiral King to kill his abandoned daughter, Adiane continues her warpath of revenge. Princess Nia once again steps up to the forefront, delivering a moving speech in defense of her newly made friends, thus winning their respect and adoration.
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