Naked Weapon

mmmm oh so yummywill they? won't they?what a pose!<come hither stare>

Plot summary:

THEY WILL SEDUCE YOU - JUST BEFORE THEY KILL YOU! After the death of Madame M’s top assassin, she start starts to abduct 40 girls from around the world in order to train them to be professional killers. After 6 years of training, the few survivors become the world’s top assassins. During a mission, CIA agent, Jack Chen, gets a lead on one of the killers and tries to appeal to her memories and heart in order to save her from a grim future and to finally catch Madame M.

Hot chicks. Guns. Knives. Assassins. How could you go wrong?

I got such mixed feelings about this movie. It seemed so rushed and scattered. The acting, at times, felt so forced and ingenuine, especially by Daniel Wu who played Jack Chen (not that I had high hopes for a movie titled Naked Weapon).

Now for the action sequences, which included gun fights, close-combat weapon fights, and hand-to-hand sparring. The gun fights were disappointing and felt as if the director wanted to fit in too much and be unnecessarily extravagent. The weapon fights were pretty nice, especially the all out caged-match, which included the use of machetes, steel pipes, daggers, and more sharpies. Though they were generally entertaining, the flow of the fights were not done too well. Just as you are getting into it, the scene slows down to show off stances and positions, trying to be too extravagent. The hand-to-hand fights were mostly well choreographed and enjoyable with some really nice moves, but then again, flowed haphazardly.

Overall, it’s an average movie that has it’s own little, nice features. I would’ve it enjoyed more if it actually flowed well. Also if it had better acting, better music that didn’t make you feel like you watching an ’80s flick, didn’t have a child actor that looked predominantly caucasian playing a Chinese girl (and then have a real Chinese girl playing an even younger version of the same person), and aphrodiasiacs that don’t make you lose consciousness….. It’s good to watch if you got the time, but don’t go out of your way for it.

Final Rating: 6